descriptionChickadee Game Toolkit
ownerDavid Thompson
last changeWed, 5 Jun 2019 11:47:44 +0000 (07:47 -0400)
2019-06-05  David ThompsonFix a few errors in the manual. master
2019-06-05  David ThompsonMakefile: Generate detached signatures in publish task. v0.4.0
2019-06-04  David Thompsonrender: tiled: Add point->tile.
2019-06-04  David Thompsondoc: Add direntry information.
2019-06-03  David Thompsondoc: Update copyright years.
2019-06-03  David Thompsondoc: Add tutorial for REPL setup.
2019-06-03  David Thompsondoc: Expand API reference for Tiled maps.
2019-05-29  David Thompsondoc: Remove unnecessary @var markup in argument lists.
2019-05-28  Alex McGrathUpdate a couple of examples to use new sprite batch...
2019-05-23  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Add draw-sprite-batch* procedure.
2019-05-16  David ThompsonUpdate copyright year on sprite and buffer modules.
2019-05-15  David ThompsonIgnore emacs temp files.
2019-05-14  David ThompsonFix 'make distcheck'.
2019-05-13  David Thompsondoc: Remove unicode character for pi because it breaks...
2019-05-13  David ThompsonREADME: Update example code.
2019-05-13  David Thompsonrender: Replace broken refs to "typed buffer" with...
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