descriptionMy configuration files
ownerDavid Thompson
last changeWed, 30 Jan 2019 16:04:01 +0000 (11:04 -0500)
2019-01-30  David ThompsonUpdate some stuff that was sitting on my laptop. master
2019-01-28  David ThompsonUpdate a ton of files that have sat on my computer...
2019-01-28  David Thompsonemacs: Attempt to fix guix.el search path issues.
2019-01-28  David Thompsonemacs: Stop using package.el.
2019-01-28  David Thompsonssh: Add VHL gitlab config.
2019-01-28  David Thompsonshepherd: Add M3 DB replica service.
2019-01-28  David Thompsonnotmuch: Add tag for rollbar email.
2018-09-14  David ThompsonUpdate .guile.
2018-09-14  David ThompsonUpdate Emacs init.el.
2018-09-14  David ThompsonUpdate bash_profile.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonbash: Source guix profile instead of setting env vars...
2017-08-18  David Thompsonbash: Change guix environment $PS1 setting.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonshepherd: Change services to start on boot.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonsignature: Remove GPG key line.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonssh: Update vhl config.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonnotmuch: Update hooks.
4 months ago master