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diff --git a/starling/kernel.scm b/starling/kernel.scm
index 15e05e3..0608241 100644
--- a/starling/kernel.scm
+++ b/starling/kernel.scm
@@ -46,7 +46,8 @@
#:use-module (starling config)
#:use-module (starling node)
#:use-module (starling node-2d)
- #:use-module (starling repl)
+ ;;#:use-module (starling repl)
+ #:use-module (starling repl-server)
#:use-module (starling minibuffer)
#:use-module (starling scene)
#:use-module (starling system)
@@ -166,7 +167,7 @@
;; FPS counter
(make <fps-display> #:name 'fps)
;; REPL server
- (make <repl> #:name 'repl))
+ (make <repl-server> #:name 'repl-server))
(run-script kernel
(sleep 60)
@@ -303,7 +304,7 @@
(if developer-mode?
(let ((title (sdl2:window-title (window kernel))))
(sdl2:set-window-title! (window kernel) (string-append "[ERROR] " title))
- (on-error (& kernel repl) stack key args)
+ (on-error (& kernel repl-server) stack key args)
(sdl2:set-window-title! (window kernel) title))
(apply throw key args)))
@@ -384,17 +385,17 @@ kernel. A convenient procedure for developers."
(add-minibuffer-command "show-fps" show-fps)
(add-minibuffer-command "hide-fps" hide-fps)
-(define-meta-command ((debug-game lisparuga) repl)
+(define-meta-command ((debug-game starling) repl)
Enter a debugger for the current game loop error."
(debugger (& (current-kernel) repl)))
-(define-meta-command ((resume-game lisparuga) repl)
+(define-meta-command ((resume-game starling) repl)
Resume the game loop without entering a debugger."
(set! (repl-debugging? (& (current-kernel) repl)) #f))
-(define-meta-command ((reboot lisparuga) repl)
+(define-meta-command ((reboot starling) repl)
Reboot the current scene."