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committerDavid Thompson <>2019-06-20 07:52:47 -0400
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node: Remove dynamic agenda setting in activate/deactivate.
It was confusing because no other methods do this.
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diff --git a/starling/node.scm b/starling/node.scm
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--- a/starling/node.scm
+++ b/starling/node.scm
@@ -146,18 +146,16 @@ represented as a ratio in the range [0, 1]."
(define-method (activate (node <node>))
"Mark NODE and all of its children as active."
;; First time activating? We must boot!
- (with-agenda (agenda node)
- (unless (booted? node) (boot node))
- (set! (active? node) #t)
- (on-enter node)
- (for-each-child activate node)))
+ (unless (booted? node) (boot node))
+ (set! (active? node) #t)
+ (on-enter node)
+ (for-each-child activate node))
(define-method (deactivate (node <node>))
"Mark NODE and all of its children as inactive."
- (with-agenda (agenda node)
- (set! (active? node) #f)
- (on-exit node)
- (for-each-child deactivate node)))
+ (set! (active? node) #f)
+ (on-exit node)
+ (for-each-child deactivate node))
(define-method (show (node <node>))
"Mark NODE as visible."