2018-11-29  David ThompsonBump version to 0.2.4. v0.2.4
2018-11-29  Christopher... atom: links should use href attribute, not url attribute.
2018-11-25  David Thompsongit: Ignore tarball signature files. v0.2.3
2018-11-25  David ThompsonBump version to 0.2.3.
2018-11-25  David ThompsonREADME: Mention RSS.
2018-11-25  Christopher... Add RSS support.
2018-11-19  David Thompsonatom: Add support for enclosures.
2018-11-19  David Thompsonpost: Add post-ref-all procedure.
2018-11-19  David Thompsonpost: Fix export for register-metadata-parser!
2018-04-02  David ThompsonThank Jorge Maldonado Ventura.
2018-04-02  Jorge Maldonado... doc: Fix tarball download link.
2018-03-19  David ThompsonThank Alex Kost.
2018-03-11  David ThompsonBump to version 0.2.2. v0.2.2
2018-03-11  David ThompsonMakefile: Fix compiled Guile file installation directory.
2017-12-21  Ludovic Courtèsguix: Switch to Guile 2.2.
2017-12-21  Ludovic Courtèsserve: Fix 'file-extension' so that the right MIME...
2017-11-01  David ThompsonThank Urbain Vaes.
2017-11-01  David Thompsonhtml: Stop escaping apostrophes.
2017-10-31  Jelle Lichtui: serve: Fix deprecation warning.
2017-09-03  Sudarshan S... Don't ignore a specified non-default port in 'haunt...
2017-01-24  David Thompsonwebsite: Update manual.
2017-01-24  David ThompsonAdd 0.2.1 release announcement.
2017-01-24  David ThompsonAdd 'make publish' target.
2017-01-24  David ThompsonBump version to 0.2.1. v0.2.1
2017-01-24  David ThompsonFix tests that fail during daylight savings time.
2016-12-15  Erik Edrosadoc: Add Readers section and reader subsections.
2016-11-01  Ludovic Courtèsbuilder: atom: Provide a full URL for the "self" link.
2016-08-18  David Thompsonexample: Add a Markdown post.
2016-08-18  David Thompsonguix: Add guile-commonmark as a propagated input.
2016-08-18  Erik Edrosadoc: Add guile-commonmark as optional dependency.
2016-08-02  Erik Edrosareader: Add commonmark support.
2016-06-07  Vladimir Zhbanovdoc: Fix a typo in procedure name.
2016-05-20  David ThompsonThank Vladimir.
2016-05-20  Vladimir Zhbanovdoc: Fix procedure name.
2016-04-24  David Thompsonwebsite: Fix small capitalization mistake.
2016-04-24  David Thompsonwebsite: Thank Chris and Mathieu.
2016-04-24  David Thompsonwebsite: Add copy of HTML manual.
2016-04-24  David Thompsonwebsite: Add 0.2 release announcement.
2016-04-24  David ThompsonFix 'make distcheck'. v0.2
2016-04-24  David Thompsonguix: Update development snapshot.
2016-04-23  David Thompsondoc: Expand API documentation.
2016-04-22  David Thompsonserve: Catch exceptions when rebuilding site.
2016-04-12  Christopher... post: Allow posts to set their own slugs.
2016-04-12  Christopher... builder: Reverse prefix and slash append order in gener...
2016-04-08  Christopher... builder: atom: Allow atom feeds to correctly set the...
2016-04-02  David Thompsondoc: Start writing API docs.
2016-04-02  David Thompsondoc: Write command-line interface chapter.
2016-04-02  Christopher... builder: blog: Set default values for 'theme' keywords.
2016-04-02  David Thompsonpost: Allow dashes in slugs.
2016-04-02  David Thompsonskribe: utils: Export ol.
2016-02-16  David Thompsonguix: Add pkg-config to environment.
2016-02-16  David Thompsonbuild: Allow building with Guile 2.2.
2016-02-16  Christopher... skribe: Add copyright information for Ludovic Courtès.
2015-12-06  Mathieu Lirzindoc: Add support for 'install-info'.
2015-12-06  David Thompsonbuild: Don't build dvi docs.
2015-11-11  David Thompsonreader: texinfo: Remove unused import.
2015-11-11  David ThompsonRenamed README.md to README.
2015-11-11  Mathieu Lirzinbuild: Declare a dependency for the manual.
2015-11-11  Mathieu Lirzinbuild: Fix all the Guix development package references.
2015-10-16  David Thompsonreader: Add texinfo support.
2015-10-16  David Thompsonpost: Add read-metadata-headers procedure.
2015-10-16  David Thompsontests: Add post tests.
2015-10-16  David ThompsonBump version to 0.2.
2015-10-16  David ThompsonAdd beginnings of a reference manual.
2015-10-15  David ThompsonIgnore build-aux/test-driver.
2015-10-14  David Thompsonutils: Clean up and add tests.
2015-10-13  David ThompsonUpdate Guix development package.
2015-10-13  David ThompsonAdd support for Skribe document format.
2015-10-12  David Thompsonutils: Add make-user-module.
2015-10-12  David Thompsonui: Add CWD to Guile load path.
2015-10-08  David Thompsonbuilder: blog: Export render-post and render-collection.
2015-10-03  David Thompsonhtml: Remove 'raw' element type.
2015-09-04  Ricardo Wurmusbuilder: blog: Export "theme-collection-template".
2015-08-18  David ThompsonREADME: Add examples section.
2015-08-18  David ThompsonREADME: Explain the pre-inst-env script.
2015-08-12  David ThompsonAdd package.scm to release tarballs.
2015-08-10  David Thompsonwebsite: Add license information to home page.
2015-08-10  David ThompsonInclude example and website directories in release...
2015-08-10  David ThompsonInclude README.md in future release tarballs.
2015-08-09  David Thompsonwebsite: Add Piwik analytics.
2015-08-09  David ThompsonAdd THANKS file.
2015-08-09  David ThompsonREADME: Fix Guile version requirements.
2015-08-08  David Thompsonwebsite: Add real SHA1 checksum for 0.1 release.
2015-08-08  David ThompsonUpdate Guix development package. v0.1
2015-08-08  David ThompsonAdd scripts/haunt to bin directory.
2015-08-08  David ThompsonAdd website.
2015-08-08  David ThompsonUpdate Guix package metadata.
2015-08-08  David ThompsonIgnore gzipped tarballs.
2015-08-08  David Thompsonui: serve: Fix auto-rebuilding logic.
2015-08-08  David Thompsonblog: Export with-layout.
2015-08-08  David Thompsonasset: Filter out assets that do not pass the site...
2015-08-08  David Thompsonsite: Change post-filter to file-filter.
2015-08-06  David Thompsonexample: Remove unnecessary module import.
2015-08-06  David Thompsonbuilder: blog: Add concept of "collections".
2015-08-05  David Thompsonbuilder: blog: Export date->string*.
2015-08-05  David Thompsonsite: Don't crash if there is no posts directory.
2015-08-05  David Thompsonsite: Update default file filter.
2015-08-04  David Thompsonui: serve: Add --watch option.
2015-08-04  David Thompsonsite: Add a way to ignore post files that match a pattern.
2015-07-28  Ricardo Wurmussite: Fix procedure name in doc string.