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+;;; -*- scheme -*-
+(use-modules (haunt utils))
+`((title . "Introducing Haunt")
+ (date . ,(string->date* "2015-08-08 10:00"))
+ (tags "news" "releases")
+ (summary . "Haunt 0.1 released")
+ (content
+ ((p "I am pleased to announce the first alpha release of Haunt, yet
+another static site generator. Does the world really need another one
+of those? No, but Haunt is special because it is written in Guile
+Scheme, a clean and elegant Lisp dialect, which allows users to
+compose their websites using functional programming techniques. Using
+a general-purpose, extensible programming language to build websites
+allows Haunt users to view their website as not just mere data, but a
+program. Haunt empowers the user to build the abstractions they need
+to make a great static website without getting in the way.")
+ (p "At its core, Haunt is a very simple program. To build your
+site, Haunt takes your posts and static assets as input, passes them
+to a series of user-defined building procedures that return one or
+more pages, and outputs all of the generated pages to the file system.
+That's all there is to it. All of the \"good stuff\" is implemented
+in the builder procedures. Haunt 0.1 comes with simple blog and Atom
+feed generators.")
+ (p "Naturally, this website is built with Haunt. You can see its
+complete source code in the "
+ (code "website") " directory in Haunt's "
+ (a (@ (href ""))
+ "official git repository")
+ ".")
+ (p "The Haunt 0.1 release tarball URL can be found on the "
+ (a (@ (href "/downloads.html")) "downloads page")
+ ".")
+ (p "Haunt is built to be as hackable as possible, and patches to
+improve it are very much welcome. In particular, new post readers for
+common formats such as org-mode and Markdown are desired, along with a
+more robust blog builder and theme engine. In lieu of a mailing list,
+patches may be sent to "
+ (code "davet") " at " (code "") ".")
+ (p "Happy haunting!"))))