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authorRicardo Wurmus <>2015-07-28 09:22:39 +0200
committerDavid Thompson <>2015-07-28 09:38:19 -0400
commited271eb07988d8ade7a254d34078f7c4cec1dbb7 (patch)
parent615361a220747f7376b4e45dd33cd86670284d63 (diff)
site: Fix procedure name in doc string.
* haunt/site.scm (site): Change "POST-SLUG" to "MAKE-SLUG" in doc string.
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diff --git a/haunt/site.scm b/haunt/site.scm
index 0ef67ac..e6604cb 100644
--- a/haunt/site.scm
+++ b/haunt/site.scm
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ POSTS-DIRECTORY: The directory where posts are found
BUILD-DIRECTORY: The directory that generated pages are stored in
DEFAULT-METADATA: An alist of arbitrary default metadata for posts
whose keys are symbols
-POST-SLUG: A procedure generating a file name slug from a post
+MAKE-SLUG: A procedure generating a file name slug from a post
READERS: A list of reader objects for processing posts
BUILDERS: A list of procedures for building pages from posts"
(make-site title domain posts-directory build-directory