2015-09-25  David Thompsonexample: echo: Remove unused code. master
2015-09-25  David Thompsonexamples: Add old echo bot script.
2014-07-15  David Thompsonclient: Don't try to load tox_save if it doesn't exist.
2014-07-15  David ThompsonUpdate example client configuration sample.
2014-07-15  David ThompsonFix crashing problems caused by C callbacks.
2014-07-14  David ThompsonAdd example client.
2014-07-14  David ThompsonUpdate code snippet in README.
2014-07-14  David ThompsonSuppress warning that htons overrides core binding.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonEnable the rest of the messenger hooks.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonFix bytevector->hex-string.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonEnable tox-friend-request-hook.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd bindings for the rest of the callback setters.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd utf8-pointer->string procedure.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonFix warning when compiling tox/util.scm.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_callback_friend_message.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonSplit set-tox-status into two procedures.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_get_friendlist.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_get_num_online_friends.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_count_friendlist.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_set_sends_receipts.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_set_user_is_typing and tox_get_is_...
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_get_last_online.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_get_user_status and tox_get_self_u...
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings tox_get_status_message and tox_get_self_st...
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_get_status_message_size and tox_ge...
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_set_status_message and tox_set_use...
2014-07-12  David ThompsonFix error with shadowed variable.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_get_name, tox_get_name_size, and...
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_set_name and tox_get_self_name.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_send_action and tox_send_action_wi...
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_send_message and tox_send_message_...
2014-07-12  David ThompsonRemove non-destructive version of tox-load.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonFix tox-friend-connected?
2014-07-12  David ThompsonChange message parameter in tox-add-friend to string.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bytevector->hex-string procedure.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonFix docstring for hex-string->bytevector.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd additional constant variables.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd htons procedure.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonImport missing module.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd indentation rule for with-tox.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd information about high-level and low-level API...
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_friend_exists.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_get_friend_connection_status.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_del_friend.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonExport tox-friend-number.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_get_client_id.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_get_friend_number.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd with-tox form.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_add_friend_norequest.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd tox-friend-address procedure.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_add_friend.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd tox-friend-add-error and tox-user-status enumerations.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonImprove error message text in make-tox.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonUpdate README.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonRename client-id to tox-client-id.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd docstring for tox-address.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_get_address.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_bootstrap_from_address.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_isconnected.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd tox-load procedure.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_size, tox_save, and tox_load.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd docstring to boolean->number.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd tox_do_interval and tox_do bindings.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonRename tox-new to make-tox.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd step to installation instructions.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd Emacs config.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd autotools.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonAdd bindings for tox_new and tox_kill.
2014-07-12  David ThompsonFirst commit!