descriptionlibtoxcore bindings for Guile Scheme
ownerDavid Thompson
last changeFri, 25 Sep 2015 19:14:32 +0000 (15:14 -0400)
2015-09-25  David Thompsonexample: echo: Remove unused code. master
2015-09-25  David Thompsonexamples: Add old echo bot script.
2014-07-15  David Thompsonclient: Don't try to load tox_save if it doesn't exist.
2014-07-15  David ThompsonUpdate example client configuration sample.
2014-07-15  David ThompsonFix crashing problems caused by C callbacks.
2014-07-14  David ThompsonAdd example client.
2014-07-14  David ThompsonUpdate code snippet in README.
2014-07-14  David ThompsonSuppress warning that htons overrides core binding.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonEnable the rest of the messenger hooks.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonFix bytevector->hex-string.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonEnable tox-friend-request-hook.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd bindings for the rest of the callback setters.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd utf8-pointer->string procedure.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonFix warning when compiling tox/util.scm.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonAdd binding for tox_callback_friend_message.
2014-07-13  David ThompsonSplit set-tox-status into two procedures.
3 years ago master