2015-12-17  David Thompsonbuild: Add SDL2_image detection.
2015-12-17  David Thompsonevents: joystick: Add button bindings.
2015-12-17  David Thompsonevents: joystick: Add axis motion bindings.
2015-12-17  David Thompsonevents: mouse: Add motion event bindings.
2015-12-17  David Thompsonevents: window: Fix parse-window-event.
2015-12-17  David Thompsonevents: keyboard: Add additional predicates.
2015-12-17  David Thompsonevents: Add mouse button event bindings.
2015-12-16  David ThompsonAdd event bindings.
2015-12-14  David ThompsonAdd Emacs directory local configuration.
2015-12-14  David Thompsonexample: Use the "call-with-*" procedures to manage...
2015-12-14  David Thompsonwindow: Improve call-with-window.
2015-12-14  David ThompsonRemove "sdl-" prefix from symbols in window module.
2015-12-14  David ThompsonReplace blank window example with hello example.
2015-12-14  David ThompsonAdd a few surface bindings.
2015-12-14  David ThompsonAdd renderer bindings.
2015-12-12  David ThompsonAdd blank window example.
2015-12-12  David ThompsonAdd SDL_GetTicks binding.
2015-10-07  David ThompsonUpdate Guix package.
2015-10-07  David ThompsonInitial commit.