2019-07-29  David Thompsonwindows: Fix SDL2_mixer DLL name. master
2019-07-29  David ThompsonAdd Windows compatibility.
2019-06-13  Hugo Hörnquistttf: Fix incorrect function name in error message.
2019-06-09  Hugo Hörnquistrender: Add texture color/alpha mod bindings.
2019-06-09  Hugo Hörnquistdoc: Add missing argument to make-texture procedure.
2019-06-06  Hugo Hörnquistrender: Add SDL_SetRenderTarget bindings.
2019-06-04  Hugo Hörnquistrender: Add SDL_RenderDrawRect and SDL_RenderFillRect...
2019-06-04  Hugo HörnquistDocument set-render-draw-color procedure.
2019-06-04  David Thompsondoc: Add direntry info.
2019-06-04  David Thompsondoc: Update copyright years.
2019-06-03  David Thompsondoc: Use pretty CSS for HTML version.
2019-06-03  David ThompsonFix signature generation in 'make publish'. v0.4.0
2019-06-03  David ThompsonBump to version 0.4.0.
2019-05-31  David ThompsonUpdate AUTHORS file.
2019-05-31  Pierre-Antoine... render: Add SDL_RenderDrawLines binding.
2019-05-31  Pierre-Antoine... render: Add SDL_RenderDrawPoints binding.
2019-05-31  Pierre-Antoine... render: Fix delete-texture! exporting.
2019-05-28  Pierre-Antoine... render: Add SDL_DestroyTexture binding.
2019-05-28  Pierre-Antoine... render: Add SDL_RenderDrawPoint binding.
2019-05-23  David ThompsonMakefile: Fix texinfo include file declaration.
2019-05-23  Pierre-Antoine... render: Add SDL_RenderDrawLine binding.
2019-05-21  Pierre-Antoine... render: Add SDL_RenderCopyEx binding.
2019-01-09  David Thompsonsurface: Add SDL_FillRect binding.
2019-01-09  David Thompsonsurface: Add SDL_BlitScaled binding.
2019-01-09  David Thompsondoc: Replace 'Scheme Procedure' with just 'Procedure'.
2019-01-08  David Thompsondoc: Document (sdl2 rect) module.
2019-01-08  David Thompsondoc: Document blit-surface.
2019-01-08  David Thompsonsurface: Add SDL_BlitSurface binding.
2019-01-08  David ThompsonAdd rect module.
2019-01-06  David Thompsoninput: game-controller: Fix bug where right-y axis...
2018-10-16  David ThompsonBump to version 0.3.1. v0.3.1
2018-10-03  David Thompsonconfigure: Accept Guile 3.0.
2018-08-21  Eero LenoAdd binding for SDL_SetRenderDrawColor.
2018-08-01  David ThompsonAdd AUTHORS file. v0.3.0
2018-08-01  Kei Kebreaudoc: Fill out some of the API documentation.
2018-07-11  David ThompsonBump to version 0.3.0.
2018-07-11  David ThompsonMakfile: Fix publish task.
2018-07-10  David ThompsonMakefile: Fix compiled guile module installation location.
2017-11-11  David Thompsoninput: mouse: Add mouse-button-released?
2017-11-11  David ThompsonAdd mouse input module.
2017-11-11  David Thompsonrender: Fix broken render-copy procedure.
2017-11-10  David ThompsonAdd binding for SDL_GetMouseState.
2017-11-10  David ThompsonAdd clipboard bindings.
2017-11-10  David ThompsonREADME: Update Guix build instructions.
2017-11-10  David ThompsonAdd SDL_GameControllerAddMappingsFromRW binding.
2017-06-07  Jonarender: Add srcrect and dstrect arguments to render...
2017-04-01  David Thompsoninput: Add keyboard module.
2017-03-29  David Thompsonsurface: Export pixel-format-name.
2017-03-29  David Thompsonsurface: Parse SDL_PixelFormat, SDL_Palette, and SDL_Co...
2017-03-29  David Thompsonguix: Default to Guile 2.2.
2017-01-21  David ThompsonFix 'make publish'.
2017-01-21  David ThompsonDon't build dvi docs.
2017-01-21  David ThompsonAdd game controller example.
2017-01-01  David Thompsonevents: Parse the "repeat" field of a keyboard event...
2017-01-01  David ThompsonREADME: Mention the Texinfo dependency.
2017-01-01  David Thompsonevents: Add predicates for different controller device...
2016-12-31  David ThompsonAdd the beginning of a manual.
2016-12-31  David ThompsonUpdate docstring for sdl-ticks.
2016-12-31  David Thompsonevents: Reduce allocation in poll-event.
2016-12-31  David ThompsonUpdate README. v0.2.0
2016-12-31  David ThompsonBump to version 0.2.0.
2016-12-31  David ThompsonAdd bindings for game controller input.
2016-12-30  David ThompsonAdd bindings for text input event handling.
2016-12-17  David Thompsonsurface: Add SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom binding.
2016-12-17  David Thompsonsurface: Add SDL_CreateRGBSurface binding.
2016-12-17  David Thompsonimage: Add IMG_SavePNG binding.
2016-08-10  David Thompsonguix: Fix build. v0.1.2
2016-08-10  David Thompsonguix: Use local-file for source field.
2016-06-02  David ThompsonREADME: Add more Guix-specific instructions.
2016-06-02  David Thompsonguix: Update development snapshot.
2016-06-02  David ThompsonBump version to 0.1.2.
2016-02-11  David ThompsonInstall modules to correct directory based on Guile...
2016-02-11  David ThompsonAllow building with Guile 2.2.
2016-01-09  David Thompsonvideo: Add SDL_SetWindowFullscreen binding.
2016-01-09  David Thompsonvideo: Fix typo in set-gl-attribute!
2016-01-09  David Thompsonvideo: Add SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval binding.
2016-01-03  David Thompsonvideo: Add SDL_GL_SetAttribute binding.
2016-01-01  David Thompsonbuild: Add 'publish' make target.
2016-01-01  David ThompsonBump to v0.1.1. v0.1.1
2016-01-01  David Thompsonsurface: Fix SDL_Surface struct parsing.
2015-12-22  David ThompsonUpdate Guix package recipe. v0.1.0
2015-12-22  David Thompsonbuild: Distribute example files.
2015-12-22  David Thompsonbindings: Use define-public instead of #:export.
2015-12-22  David Thompsonwindow: Allow unspecified and centered window positions.
2015-12-22  David ThompsonChange version to 0.1.0.
2015-12-22  David ThompsonAdd blank TODO file.
2015-12-22  David ThompsonUpdate README.
2015-12-22  David ThompsonUpdate Guix package recipe.
2015-12-22  David Thompsonsurface: Fix convert-surface-format.
2015-12-22  David Thompsonsurface: Add binding for SDL_ConvertSurfaceFormat.
2015-12-21  David ThompsonUpdate Guix package recipe.
2015-12-21  David Thompsonevents: window: Change vector from pair to list.
2015-12-21  David Thompsonevents: window: Add additional predicates.
2015-12-21  David Thompsonevents: Add quit event.
2015-12-21  David Thompsonevents: keyboard: Correct exported symbols.
2015-12-20  David ThompsonUpdate README.
2015-12-20  David Thompsonsurface: Add useful selectors.
2015-12-20  David ThompsonUpdate Guix package.
2015-12-20  David ThompsonAdd SDL2_mixer bindings.
2015-12-18  David Thompsonbuild: Add SDL2_mixer detection.