Add SDL_GameControllerAddMappingsFromRW binding.
[guile-sdl2.git] / sdl2 / bindings.scm
2017-11-10  David ThompsonAdd SDL_GameControllerAddMappingsFromRW binding.
2017-06-07  Jonarender: Add srcrect and dstrect arguments to render...
2017-04-01  David Thompsoninput: Add keyboard module.
2016-12-31  David ThompsonAdd bindings for game controller input.
2016-12-30  David ThompsonAdd bindings for text input event handling.
2016-12-17  David Thompsonsurface: Add SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom binding.
2016-12-17  David Thompsonsurface: Add SDL_CreateRGBSurface binding.
2016-01-09  David Thompsonvideo: Add SDL_SetWindowFullscreen binding.
2016-01-09  David Thompsonvideo: Add SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval binding.
2016-01-03  David Thompsonvideo: Add SDL_GL_SetAttribute binding.
2015-12-22  David Thompsonbindings: Use define-public instead of #:export.
2015-12-22  David Thompsonwindow: Allow unspecified and centered window positions.
2015-12-22  David Thompsonsurface: Add binding for SDL_ConvertSurfaceFormat.
2015-12-20  David ThompsonAdd SDL2_mixer bindings.
2015-12-17  David ThompsonAdd color type.
2015-12-17  David Thompsonevents: mouse: Add motion event bindings.
2015-12-17  David Thompsonevents: Add mouse button event bindings.
2015-12-16  David ThompsonAdd event bindings.
2015-12-14  David ThompsonAdd a few surface bindings.
2015-12-14  David ThompsonAdd renderer bindings.
2015-12-12  David ThompsonAdd SDL_GetTicks binding.
2015-10-07  David ThompsonInitial commit.