2019-01-30  David ThompsonUpdate some stuff that was sitting on my laptop. master
2019-01-28  David ThompsonUpdate a ton of files that have sat on my computer...
2019-01-28  David Thompsonemacs: Attempt to fix guix.el search path issues.
2019-01-28  David Thompsonemacs: Stop using package.el.
2019-01-28  David Thompsonssh: Add VHL gitlab config.
2019-01-28  David Thompsonshepherd: Add M3 DB replica service.
2019-01-28  David Thompsonnotmuch: Add tag for rollbar email.
2018-09-14  David ThompsonUpdate .guile.
2018-09-14  David ThompsonUpdate Emacs init.el.
2018-09-14  David ThompsonUpdate bash_profile.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonbash: Source guix profile instead of setting env vars...
2017-08-18  David Thompsonbash: Change guix environment $PS1 setting.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonshepherd: Change services to start on boot.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonsignature: Remove GPG key line.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonssh: Update vhl config.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonnotmuch: Update hooks.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonemacs: Commit changes that have been accruing for awhile.
2017-08-18  David Thompsonemacs: Fix default font configuration.
2016-03-21  David Thompsonemacs: Tweak org-mode sorting.
2016-03-21  David Thompsonshepherd: Start emacs on start.
2016-03-21  David Thompsonssh: Add work config.
2016-03-21  David Thompsonemacs: erc: Switch to ZNC for IRC connections.
2016-02-24  David Thompsonemacs: Add org-mode sorting helper.
2016-02-13  David ThompsonUpdate bash config.
2016-02-13  David ThompsonSwitch from dmd to shepherd.
2016-02-13  David ThompsonUpdate emacs config.
2016-02-13  David Thompsonnotmuch: Add new post-new hooks.
2016-02-13  David ThompsonUpdate emacs config.
2016-02-13  David ThompsonUpdate bash config.
2015-11-01  David Thompsonemacs: Update config.
2015-11-01  David Thompsondmd: Disable REPL server for now.
2015-11-01  David Thompsonbashrc: Change PS1.
2015-10-13  David Thompsonbash: Change LOCPATH to GUIX_LOCPATH.
2015-10-10  David Thompsonemacs: Fix order of evaluation issue with when-require.
2015-10-10  David Thompsondmd: Update config.
2015-10-09  David Thompsonbash: Disable LOCPATH for now.
2015-10-09  David Thompsonbashrc: Add helpful aliases.
2015-10-09  David Thompsonemacs: Use web-mode with erb files.
2015-10-09  David Thompsondmd: m3: Update Ruby version.
2015-10-09  David Thompsonssh: Add vhltunnel config.
2015-10-09  David Thompsonemacs: Update erc config.
2015-10-09  David Thompsonemacs: Add connect-to-dmd function.
2015-10-09  David Thompsonemacs: Load elisp for development Guix.
2015-10-09  David Thompsonemacs: Update notmuch config.
2015-08-26  David Thompsonguile: Add helpful load path tweaking procedure.
2015-08-26  David Thompsonemacs: scheme: Add indenting rule for sxml-match.
2015-08-25  David Thompsondmd: gpg-agent: Set cache TTL.
2015-08-20  David ThompsonAdd mpd config.
2015-08-20  David Thompsonemacs: Add scheme-indent-function hack.
2015-08-20  David Thompsondmd: Fix indenting on punjab service.
2015-08-20  David Thompsondmd: Clean up whitespace and comments.
2015-08-20  David Thompsondmd: Update to include Openfire service.
2015-08-13  David Thompsondmd: Update mpd and offlineimap services.
2015-08-13  David Thompsonbash: Add more environment variable settings.
2015-08-13  David Thompsonbashrc: Add sly-dev-env alias.
2015-08-10  David Thompsonnotmuch: Improve filters for work mail.
2015-08-10  David Thompsonemacs: Add more work config.
2015-08-10  David Thompsondmd: Add services for use at work.
2015-06-20  David Thompsonemacs: Process cryptographic MIME parts in email.
2015-06-20  David Thompsondmd: Update mpd service and add sshfs service.
2015-06-10  David Thompsonbash: Export ghl and guixsd functions.
2015-06-10  David Thompsonbash: Respect SSH agent forwarding.
2015-06-10  David Thompsonssh: Add new hosts.
2015-06-10  David Thompsonbash: Add VHL-specific configuration.
2015-06-10  David Thompsonshroud: Add config file.
2015-06-10  David Thompsonemacs: erc: Add slack autojoins.
2015-06-10  David Thompsonemacs: erc: Add #userops to autojoins.
2015-06-10  David Thompsonemacs: Load geiser the correct way.
2015-06-09  David Thompsonbash: Display shell level in $PS1.
2015-06-09  David Thompsonemacs: Add glsl-mode to package list.
2015-06-09  David Thompsonemacs: Refresh package contents before installing.
2015-06-09  David Thompsonssh: Add config.
2015-06-03  David Thompsonbash: Tweak guix-dev-env alias.
2015-06-03  David Thompsonemacs: Enable TLS connection for freenode.
2015-06-03  David Thompsonemacs: Add yaml-mode to required packages.
2015-06-03  David Thompsondmd: Fix emacs and gpg-agent services so they are stopp...
2015-06-03  David Thompsonemacs: Add work IRC server.
2015-05-28  David Thompsonemacs: Require magit-blame.
2015-05-28  David Thompsondmd: Update config.
2015-05-28  David Thompsonbash: Add env vars for Guix and Ruby.
2015-05-28  David Thompsonemacs: Update needed packages and notmuch config.
2015-05-28  David Thompsonnotmuch: Update post-new config.
2015-05-28  David Thompsondmd: Run offlineimap service on startup.
2015-05-26  David Thompsondmd: Set pinentry program for gpg-agent.
2015-05-26  David Thompsonemacs: Add work SMTP config.
2015-05-26  David Thompsonbash: Add config for non-GuixSD systems.
2015-05-26  David Thompsonemacs: Tweak notmuch config.
2015-05-26  David Thompsonemacs: Add elisp in ~/.guix-profile to load path.
2015-05-26  David Thompsonnotmuch: Add filters for VHL mail.
2015-05-26  David Thompsonemacs: Don't throw an error if .ercpasswords doesn...
2015-05-26  David Thompsonemacs: Update config.
2015-05-26  David Thompsonemacs: erc: Update autojoin channels.
2015-05-24  David Thompsonbash: Add guix-dev-env alias.
2015-05-24  David Thompsonemacs: erc: Remove FSF channels from autojoins.
2015-05-24  David Thompsonemacs: Prefer setf to setq.
2015-05-24  David Thompsonemacs: Fix error when config is loaded in daemon mode.
2015-05-24  David Thompsonbash: Remove 'guix' alias.
2015-05-24  David Thompsondmd: Add emacs, gpg-agent, and xmodmap services.
2015-05-24  David Thompsonbash: Set SSH_AUTH_SOCK env var.
2015-05-24  David Thompsonemacs: Tweak config some more.