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--- a/dotfiles/Mail/.notmuch/hooks/post-new
+++ b/dotfiles/Mail/.notmuch/hooks/post-new
@@ -47,15 +47,15 @@ notmuch tag -new -unread +codeclimate --
notmuch tag -new -unread +basecamp --
# Remaining new mail goes to the inbox
+notmuch tag -new +inbox -- tag:new AND NOT tag:unread
notmuch tag -new +inbox +unread -- tag:new
# GNU mailing lists
notmuch tag -inbox +guix -- OR
notmuch tag -inbox +guile -- OR
-notmuch tag -inbox +gnu --
-notmuch tag -inbox +mediagoblin --
-notmuch tag -inbox +gnu-webmasters --
+# Mark all archived mail
+notmuch tag +archive -- folder:WSU/Archive
# Remove inbox tag from all mail in archive
-notmuch tag -inbox -- folder:WSU/Archive AND tag:inbox
-notmuch tag -inbox -- folder:FSF/INBOX.Archive AND tag:inbox
+notmuch tag -inbox -- tag:archive AND tag:inbox