2015-01-16  David Thompsonnotmuch: Remove redundant keybinding. master
2015-01-16  David ThompsonIgnore more files that end up in .emacs.d.
2015-01-16  David Thompsonnotmuch: Add quick 'mark as spam' keybinding.
2015-01-16  David Thompsonnomtuch: Remove inbox and unread tags when archiving.
2015-01-16  David Thompsonnotmuch: Use when sending mail.
2015-01-16  David Thompsonnotmuch: Remove redundant use of notmuch-unread.
2015-01-16  David Thompsonscheme: More scheme-indent-function customizations.
2015-01-16  David Thompsonido: Ignore .go files.
2015-01-16  David ThompsonUse dired-x.
2015-01-16  David ThompsonUse screen in term, ansi-term, etc.
2015-01-16  David Thompsonerc: Make startup less annoying.
2014-10-09  David ThompsonAdd better ediff default settings.
2014-10-09  David ThompsonDon't use web-mode with PHP files.
2014-10-09  David ThompsonAdd notmuch keybind to mark spam.
2014-08-17  David ThompsonUse org-caldav.
2014-08-11  David ThompsonAdd FSF mail settings.
2014-08-11  David ThompsonUse notmuch-unread.
2014-08-11  David ThompsonAdd more scheme-indent-function customizations.
2014-08-11  David ThompsonDisable Scheme implementations that aren't Guile when...
2014-08-11  David ThompsonUse wombat theme.
2014-08-11  David ThompsonUse flx-ido and projectile.
2014-08-11  David ThompsonUse bash shell.
2014-08-08  David ThompsonAdd function to delete mail.
2014-08-08  David ThompsonUpdate notmuch saved searches.
2014-08-08  David ThompsonAdd function to mark mail as important.
2014-08-08  David ThompsonFix function to remove unread tag from mail.
2014-08-08  David ThompsonAdd more notmuch saved searches.
2014-08-08  David ThompsonRemove #libreplanet-gaming from autojoins.
2014-08-08  David ThompsonUse ruby-test-mode.
2014-08-08  David ThompsonAdd #gnu-webmasters and #sly to IRC autojoins.
2014-07-25  David ThompsonUse notmuch-unread.
2014-07-25  David ThompsonAdd more IRC channels to auto-join.
2014-07-25  David ThompsonChange c-basic-indent from 4 to 2.
2014-07-25  David ThompsonAdd PHP settings.
2014-06-26  David ThompsonAdd FSF mail settings.
2014-06-26  David ThompsonAdd hook for web-mode.
2014-06-24  David ThompsonAdd notmuch-unread and web-mode to required-packages...
2014-06-24  David ThompsonAdd FSF channels to ERC autojoins.
2014-05-05  David ThompsonNo fringes.
2014-03-30  David ThompsonFix miscellaneous issues.
2014-03-21  David ThompsonRemove C-c c global key binding.
2014-03-18  David ThompsonChange theme again.
2014-03-18  David ThompsonRemove rinari hack.
2014-03-18  David ThompsonNo fringes, please.
2014-02-24  David ThompsonRequire newline at the end of files.
2014-02-22  David ThompsonTweak global keybindings.
2014-02-21  David ThompsonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-02-21  David ThompsonAdd new Scheme indenting rules.
2014-02-21  David ThompsonAdd emms to required-packages.
2014-02-21  David ThompsonEMMS volume control changes MPD's volume.
2014-02-21  David ThompsonUse EMMS as MPD client.
2014-01-27  David ThompsonUpdate IRC settings.
2014-01-22  David ThompsonAdd 'tramp' to gitignore.
2014-01-22  David ThompsonAdd keybinding for connect-to-guile.
2014-01-22  David ThompsonAdd Bradley Kuhn's blog to elfeed list.
2014-01-02  David ThompsonTweak magit configuration.
2014-01-02  David ThompsonReorganize init.el.
2014-01-02  David ThompsonAdd RSS feed.
2014-01-02  David ThompsonFix battery status configuration.
2014-01-02  David ThompsonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-02  David ThompsonAdd more notmuch configuration.
2013-12-30  David ThompsonTweak docstring for install-missing-packages.
2013-12-25  David ThompsonAdd function for connecting to the guile-wm REPL.
2013-12-25  David ThompsonRemove stumpwm-mode configuration.
2013-12-20  David ThompsonAdd install-missing-packages function and required...
2013-12-17  David ThompsonUse setcdr instead of setf.
2013-12-17  David ThompsonAllow rinari to jump to/from JS sources and jasmine...
2013-12-11  David ThompsonAdd with-window Scheme indent function setting.
2013-12-11  David ThompsonAdd SMTP settings.
2013-12-09  David ThompsonTweak keybindings.
2013-12-09  David ThompsonRemove redundant c-basic-offset setting.
2013-12-09  David ThompsonStop showing line numbers and highlighting the current...
2013-12-09  David ThompsonTweak ido-mode.
2013-11-30  David ThompsonMerge branch 'master' of
2013-11-30  David ThompsonFix bug with battery power detection.
2013-11-23  David ThompsonAdd feed.
2013-11-23  David ThompsonSeparate setq statement.
2013-11-23  David ThompsonSwitch theme to wombat.
2013-11-23  David ThompsonSick of highlight line mode.
2013-11-23  David ThompsonChange smex key binding.
2013-11-17  David ThompsonMerge branch 'master' of
2013-11-17  David ThompsonAdd scheme indenting rule.
2013-10-30  David ThompsonRebind M-% to query-replace-regexp.
2013-10-28  David ThompsonRemove battery status config.
2013-09-30  David ThompsonDon't try to use display-battery-mode if no battery...
2013-09-30  David ThompsonUpdate freenode channels.
2013-09-30  David ThompsonStart using elfeed.
2013-09-22  David ThompsonUse ido-mode.
2013-09-22  David ThompsonReorganize.
2013-09-22  David ThompsonDon't require rvm, rinari, or ruby-test-mode anymore.
2013-09-22  David ThompsonRemove some functions that I don't use or want anymore.
2013-09-22  David ThompsonRemove magit-rebase-mode since I haven't actually used...
2013-09-22  David ThompsonExplicitly require paredit.
2013-09-22  David ThompsonDon't show menu bar, tool bar, or scroll bars.
2013-09-18  David ThompsonMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-18  David ThompsonAdd #guix to autojoins.
2013-09-16  David ThompsonClean up some lines longer than 80 characters.
2013-09-16  David ThompsonAdd key binding for running rake tasks from rails projects.
2013-09-16  David ThompsonRemove globalgamers from erc autojoins.
2013-08-30  David ThompsonDisplay battery level in modeline.