2019-10-29  David Thompsonrender: model: Invert texture V coords when parsing...
2019-10-29  David Thompsonrender: shader: Fix bug with arrays handling in shader...
2019-10-29  David Thompsonrender: texture: Include id when printing.
2019-10-29  David Thompsonrender: shader: Fix sampler2D uniform value application.
2019-10-28  David Thompsonrender: model: Add additional aliases for .mtl bump...
2019-10-28  David Thompsonrender: model: Suppress warnings for some deliberately...
2019-10-28  David Thompsonrender: model: Load ambient maps in .mtl files.
2019-10-28  David Thompsonrender: phong: Add ambient map to material.
2019-10-28  David Thompsonrender: model: Load diffuse, specular, bump textures...
2019-10-28  David Thompsonrender: phong: Add support for diffuse and specular...
2019-10-27  David ThompsonMakefile: Remove deleted shader files.
2019-10-27  David Thompsonrender: viewport: Use light sky blue for default clear...
2019-10-27  David Thompsonrender: shader: Fix bug where default values for local...
2019-10-26  David Thompsonrender: model: Support faces with 5 or more elements...
2019-10-25  David Thompsonrender: model: Correctly handle faces with 4 elements...
2019-10-24  David Thompsonexamples: model: Remove bad code left in accidentally.
2019-10-24  David ThompsonAdd 3D model example data to
2019-10-24  David Thompsonrender: Restructure 3D modules and add basic support...
2019-10-23  David Thompsonrender: shader: Rename <shader-data-type> to <shader...
2019-10-23  David Thompsonrender: shader: Allow client-side only fields in shader...
2019-10-23  David Thompsonrender: shader: Convert camel case uniform names to...
2019-10-21  David Thompsonrender: shader: Remove unnecessary module import.
2019-10-21  David Thompsonrender: shader: Remove debugging code.
2019-10-21  David Thompsonrender: shader: Add support for shader structs. wip-shaders
2019-10-18  David Thompsonrender: shader: Improve shader compilation error printing.
2019-10-18  David Thompsonrender: shader: Support primitive array uniform variables.
2019-10-18  David Thompsonrender: shader: Move shader loading helper procedures...
2019-10-17  David Thompsonrender: shader: Decouple uniform serialization with...
2019-10-17  David Thompsonrender: gl: Add more glUniform functions.
2019-10-16  David Thompsonrender: shader: Encapsulate GLSL types in <shader-data...
2019-10-11  David Thompsonmath: vector: Add vec3 cross product procedures.
2019-10-11  David Thompsonmath: vector: Add vec3 arithmetic procedures.
2019-10-11  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Add procedures for X and Y axis rotations.
2019-10-11  David Thompsonarray-list: Add bounds checking to array-list-ref.
2019-10-11  David Thompsonrender: Introduce render context object.
2019-07-24  David Thompsonexamples: Update particle example.
2019-07-24  David Thompsonrender: particles: Fix misuse of streaming vertex buffer.
2019-06-05  David ThompsonFix a few errors in the manual.
2019-06-05  David ThompsonMakefile: Generate detached signatures in publish task. v0.4.0
2019-06-04  David Thompsonrender: tiled: Add point->tile.
2019-06-04  David Thompsondoc: Add direntry information.
2019-06-03  David Thompsondoc: Update copyright years.
2019-06-03  David Thompsondoc: Add tutorial for REPL setup.
2019-06-03  David Thompsondoc: Expand API reference for Tiled maps.
2019-05-29  David Thompsondoc: Remove unnecessary @var markup in argument lists.
2019-05-28  Alex McGrathUpdate a couple of examples to use new sprite batch...
2019-05-23  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Add draw-sprite-batch* procedure.
2019-05-16  David ThompsonUpdate copyright year on sprite and buffer modules.
2019-05-15  David ThompsonIgnore emacs temp files.
2019-05-14  David ThompsonFix 'make distcheck'.
2019-05-13  David Thompsondoc: Remove unicode character for pi because it breaks...
2019-05-13  David ThompsonREADME: Update example code.
2019-05-13  David Thompsonrender: Replace broken refs to "typed buffer" with...
2019-05-13  David Thompsondoc: Remove reference to old hook system.
2019-05-13  David Thompsonrender: Rename "typed buffer" to "buffer view".
2019-05-13  David Thompsondoc: Improve texture documentation.
2019-05-13  David Thompsonrender: texture: Stop exporting texture-id.
2019-05-12  David ThompsonUpdate SDL2 game controller database file. wip-sprite-batch-rewrite
2019-05-12  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Rewrite sprite batching API.
2019-05-10  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Allow specifying read/write mode when...
2019-05-10  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Fix buffer orphaning for streaming...
2019-05-09  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Don't attempt to map a buffer that...
2019-05-09  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Add buffer-mapped? procedure.
2019-05-08  David Thompsonrender: font: Respect newline character when rendering.
2019-05-08  David Thompsonrender: tiled: Parse out tile flip bits.
2019-05-08  David Thompsonrender: tiled: Accept map versions 1.1 and 1.2.
2019-05-08  David Thompsontexture: tileset: Fix rows/columns calculation.
2019-01-09  David ThompsonRemove obsolete controller handling code.
2019-01-09  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Allow nine patches to be tinted.
2019-01-09  David Thompsonexamples: Add sprite batch example.
2019-01-09  David ThompsonAdd SDL2 game controller database file.
2019-01-07  David Thompsonexamples: game-controller: Add left/right trigger rende...
2019-01-07  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Revamp rendering process.
2019-01-07  David Thompsonrender: color: Use f32vector under the hood.
2019-01-07  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Add transform-x and transform-y procedures.
2019-01-06  David Thompsonexamples: Add game controller test.
2019-01-06  David ThompsonRemove redundant open-all-controllers procedure.
2019-01-06  David ThompsonAdd controller-name procedure.
2019-01-06  David ThompsonFix normalization of game controller axis values.
2019-01-06  David Thompsonrender: texture: Fix error when splitting certain textures.
2019-01-06  David Thompsonguix: Update to latest guile-sdl2 commit.
2018-12-17  David ThompsonMakefile: Install compiled files in the proper location.
2018-12-15  David Thompsonrender: font: Export a default-font procedure.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonCredit J-Robot for the pixel explosion image.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonRename data/CREDITS to data/AUTHORS.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonAdd particles example.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonFix game controller stuff.
2018-12-14  David Thompsondoc: Improve Fonts section.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonAdd controller query procedures.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonAdd mouse query procedures.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonRe-add key-pressed? and key-released? procedures.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonRe-hide SDL2 details.
2018-12-14  David Thompsonexamples: Simplify text example.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonFix automake warning.
2018-12-14  David Thompsonrender: font: Include a default font for convenience.
2018-12-13  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Use a single buffer for unbatched sprit...
2018-12-13  David Thompsonrender: sprite: batch: Combine vertices and texcoords...
2018-12-13  David Thompsondoc: Mention 'rect' in manual.
2018-12-13  David Thompsonmath: rect: Add make-rect alias.
2018-12-13  David Thompsonrender: font: Use set-vec2! where convenient.