2018-01-17  David Thompsonrender: texture: Fix split-texture.
2018-01-17  David ThompsonRevert "Add error handling to game loop."
2018-01-17  David Thompsonrender: Refactor sprite rendering.
2018-01-17  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Add matrix4-2d-transform! procedure.
2018-01-13  David ThompsonAdd error handling to game loop.
2018-01-09  David ThompsonFix broken mouse Y coordinate inversion.
2018-01-09  David Thompsonaudio: Use values between 0 and 1 for volume.
2018-01-09  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Add draw-filled-rect procedure.
2018-01-09  David Thompsonrender: color: Add color-lerp procedure.
2018-01-05  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Allow passing custom transformation...
2018-01-05  David ThompsonFix inverted Y coordinates in mouse events.
2018-01-05  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Allow translation by rect as if it were...
2018-01-05  David Thompsonguix: Use Guile 2.2.3.
2017-11-15  David Thompsonwindow: Remove problematic GL attribute.
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Allow translation with 3D vectors.
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: vector: Export vec3-z.
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: quaternion: Add custom record type printer.
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: quaternion: Stop referncing inline procedure...
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Support converting a quaternion into...
2017-11-11  David Thompsonrender: font: Add support for .fnt formatted fonts.
2017-11-11  David Thompsonguix: Update to latest guile-sdl2 commit.
2017-11-11  David Thompsonrender: font: Add support for tile fonts.
2017-11-11  David Thompsonrender: font: Simplify implementation with texture...
2017-10-27  David Thompsondoc: scripting: Replace references to "wait" with ...
2017-10-19  David Thompsonscripting: agenda: Add reset-agenda procedure.
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: texture: Fix bug in texture region coordinate...
2017-10-18  David ThompsonThird time's the charm for a bug fix?
2017-10-18  David ThompsonFix build bug for real this time.
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: texture: Fix strange parallel compilation issue.
2017-10-18  David ThompsonAdd generalized A* path finding algorithm.
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Add support for drawing texture regions.
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: texture: Use texture regions in texture atlas.
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: texture: Add private gl-size field.
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: texture: Add texture region data type.
2017-10-15  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Fix sprite batch resizing.
2017-10-15  David Thompsonscripting: Cancelling a script cancels all nested scripts.
2017-10-15  David Thompsonscripting: Fix bugs in script-running? and script-complete?
2017-10-15  David Thompsonscripting: Rename coroutine to script.
2017-10-15  David Thompsonscripting: Rename wait to sleep.
2017-10-14  David Thompsonscripting: Fix bug where dynamic state wasn't being...
2017-10-14  David Thompsonmath: vector: Fix a couple docstrings.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonguix: Update to latest guile-sdl2 commit. wip-gltf
2017-09-14  David ThompsonAdd beginnings of glTF parser and loader.
2017-09-14  David ThompsonAdd JSON parser.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonrender: shader: Export more procedures.
2017-09-14  David ThompsonMajor rewrite of vertex buffer and vertex array abstrac...
2017-09-14  David Thompsongl: Export gl-buffer-sub-data.
2017-09-14  David ThompsonFix datadir.
2017-09-14  David Thompsontexture: Export texture-atlas-texture.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: Add cotangent function.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: vector: Add custom record type printers for vectors.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Fix docstring.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Add perspective-projection function.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Add custom record type printer.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: vector: Add 3-dimensional vector type.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: Add quaternion module.
2017-08-08  David ThompsonMove color module into render namespace.
2017-05-04  David Thompsonbuffer: Add docstrings to procedures.
2017-05-03  David Thompsondoc: Remove redundant "Scheme Procedure", etc. things.
2017-05-03  David ThompsonAdd buffer module.
2017-04-28  David Thompsonscripting: Add a tweening procedure.
2017-04-28  David Thompsonscripting: agenda: Add 'every' scheduling option.
2017-04-28  David Thompsonmath: Add lerp procedure.
2017-04-26  David ThompsonFix unbounded heap growth in game loop.
2017-04-26  David Thompsonmath: Add pi constant.
2017-04-04  David ThompsonAdd simple scripting system.
2017-04-04  David ThompsonAdd queue module.
2017-04-01  David ThompsonAdd array list module.
2017-04-01  David ThompsonAdd binary heap implementation.
2017-04-01  David Thompsoninput: Add keyboard module.
2017-04-01  David Thompsonguix: Update to latest guile-sdl2 Git snapshot.
2017-03-31  David Thompsonguix: Use latest Git version of guile-sdl2.
2017-03-31  David Thompsonrender: texture: Support using 32 texture units.
2017-03-31  David Thompsonguix: Use new Guile 2.2 package.
2017-03-23  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Add fast path for non-rotated/scaled...
2017-01-27  David Thompsondoc: html: Use stylesheet to make manual...
2017-01-27  David ThompsonAdd full GPLv3 text.
2017-01-27  David ThompsonIgnore generated tarballs and signatures.
2017-01-27  David ThompsonDistribute examples in release tarballs.
2017-01-27  David Thompsonexamples: Add nine-patch example.
2017-01-26  David Thompsonconfigure: Drop Guile 2.0 support. v0.2.0
2017-01-26  David ThompsonBump version to 0.2.0.
2017-01-26  David Thompsondoc: Mention that signed distance field rendering is...
2017-01-26  David Thompsondoc: Document draw-line.
2017-01-26  David Thompsondoc: Fix multi-line @deffn commands.
2017-01-26  David Thompsonexamples: Add line segment example.
2017-01-26  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Add docstring to draw-line.
2017-01-26  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Change draw-line to accept vector argum...
2017-01-26  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Delete draw-rectangle-outline procedure.
2017-01-26  David Thompsonrender: viewport: Make applying the null viewport a...
2017-01-26  David ThompsonEnsure that the viewport is cleared at the beginning...
2017-01-26  David ThompsonFix guile-sdl2 procedure name.
2017-01-26  David Thompsonguix: Update guile-sdl2 recipe to 0.2.0.
2017-01-25  David ThompsonAdd audio support.
2017-01-25  David Thompsondoc: Document sprites and fonts.
2017-01-25  David Thompsonrender: Add bitmap font support.
2017-01-25  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Improve argument names to draw-sprite.
2017-01-25  David Thompsonexamples: sprite: Quit the demo when close button is...
2017-01-25  David Thompsonmath: rect: Fix vec2-clamp-to-rect.
2017-01-25  David Thompsonmath: vector: Fix vec2-copy and vec2-copy!