2018-09-11  David Thompsonrender: texture: Add flip? argument to make-texture.
2018-09-10  David Thompsonrender: Change texture origin to top-left.
2018-09-10  David Thompsonmath: vector: Fix vec2-normalize and vec3-normalize.
2018-09-10  David Thompsonmath: vector: Add vec2*, vec2+, and vec2- procedures.
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: asset: Don't use mipmaps for now.
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: asset: Use default sampler index of 0 when...
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: asset: Removing debug print calls.
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: scene: Make material factors default to 1.0.
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: asset: Add material texture parsing and loading.
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: scene: Apply base color texture and factor.
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: scene: Merge metallic roughness into material...
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: shader: Add support for vec3 uniform values.
2018-09-07  David Thompsonrender: gl: Re-export gl-uniform3fv.
2018-09-06  David Thompsonrender: scene: Stop allocating matrices when rendering.
2018-09-06  David Thompsondata: shaders: Update WIP PBR shaders.
2018-09-06  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Fix pointer argument to glVertexAttribP...
2018-09-06  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Use correct data type for index buffer...
2018-09-06  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Stop using glBufferSubData when creatin...
2018-09-06  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Fixed default typed buffer length calcu...
2018-09-06  David Thompsonrender: buffer: Orphan before mapping only when used...
2018-09-06  David Thompsonrender: scene: Add better printers for primitives,...
2018-09-06  David Thompsonrender: gl: Export gl-point-size.
2018-09-03  David Thompsonmath: Add grid module.
2018-09-03  David ThompsonRemove default error handler.
2018-08-29  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Add simple (but slow) bezier curve...
2018-08-29  David ThompsonAdd bezier curve module.
2018-08-29  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Allow matrix to be passed to draw-line.
2018-08-29  David Thompsonscripting: Add repeat macro.
2018-08-26  David ThompsonFix error handling logic.
2018-08-26  David ThompsonRemove custom backtrace display.
2018-08-23  David Thompsongit: Ignore html manual build artifacts.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonUpdate manual to reflect major API changes.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonAdd default game loop error handler.
2018-08-23  David Thompsonguix: Update guile-sdl2 to latest commit in
2018-08-23  David ThompsonUpdate README.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonMove SDL game loop implementation to its own module.
2018-08-23  David Thompsonmath: vector: Add read syntax.
2018-08-23  David Thompsonwindow: Fix procedure export.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonMake the game loop modular!
2018-07-11  David ThompsonBump to version 0.3.0.
2018-07-11  David ThompsonREADME: Update guile-sdl2 requirement.
2018-07-11  David Thompsonrender: Replace keyword->string from SRFI-88.
2018-07-11  David Thompsonguix: Update guile-sdl2 commit.
2018-07-09  David Thompsonguix: Upgrade to Guile 2.2.4.
2018-06-26  David ThompsonFix
2018-06-25  David ThompsonRemove problematic OpenGL requirements.
2018-06-25  David ThompsonRemove experimental buffer API.
2018-06-25  David Thompsondoc: Add framebuffer docs.
2018-06-24  David ThompsonDisplay proper backtraces when there is no game loop...
2018-06-24  David Thompsonrender: tiled: Add support for external tilesets.
2018-06-24  David Thompsonguix: Use Guile 2.2.2 for now.
2018-05-04  David Thompsonerror: Pass error key and args to error hook.
2018-05-04  David ThompsonAdd game loop error hook.
2018-05-01  David Thompsonrender: font: Allow rendering of substrings.
2018-05-01  David Thompsonrender: tiled: Export draw-tile-map*.
2018-04-30  David Thompsonrender: tiled: Invert Y coordinates of objects.
2018-04-30  David Thompsonrender: tiled: Add tile-map-layer-ref.
2018-04-27  David Thompsonrender: font: Fix bug in font-line-width.
2018-04-22  David ThompsonInvert Y coordinate in mouse motion event.
2018-04-22  David Thompsonrender: font: Add font-line-width procedure.
2018-04-22  David Thompsonrender: font: Print "?" instead of crashing when charac...
2018-03-14  David ThompsonUpdate .dir-locals.el.
2018-01-30  David ThompsonAdd tile map example.
2018-01-30  David Thompsonrender: Add Tiled map renderer.
2018-01-29  David Thompsonrender: texture: Define custom record type printer...
2018-01-29  David Thompsonguix: Switch back to Guile 2.2.2.
2018-01-28  David Thompsonwindow: Display warning when vsync is not supported.
2018-01-17  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Fix typos in matrix4-2d-transform!
2018-01-17  David Thompsonrender: texture: Keep a rect for use with draw-sprite...
2018-01-17  David Thompsonrender: font: Fix typo.
2018-01-17  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Fix bug in rendering texture regions.
2018-01-17  David Thompsonrender: texture: Fix split-texture.
2018-01-17  David ThompsonRevert "Add error handling to game loop."
2018-01-17  David Thompsonrender: Refactor sprite rendering.
2018-01-17  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Add matrix4-2d-transform! procedure.
2018-01-13  David ThompsonAdd error handling to game loop.
2018-01-09  David ThompsonFix broken mouse Y coordinate inversion.
2018-01-09  David Thompsonaudio: Use values between 0 and 1 for volume.
2018-01-09  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Add draw-filled-rect procedure.
2018-01-09  David Thompsonrender: color: Add color-lerp procedure.
2018-01-05  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Allow passing custom transformation...
2018-01-05  David ThompsonFix inverted Y coordinates in mouse events.
2018-01-05  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Allow translation by rect as if it were...
2018-01-05  David Thompsonguix: Use Guile 2.2.3.
2017-11-15  David Thompsonwindow: Remove problematic GL attribute.
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Allow translation with 3D vectors.
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: vector: Export vec3-z.
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: quaternion: Add custom record type printer.
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: quaternion: Stop referncing inline procedure...
2017-11-13  David Thompsonmath: matrix: Support converting a quaternion into...
2017-11-11  David Thompsonrender: font: Add support for .fnt formatted fonts.
2017-11-11  David Thompsonguix: Update to latest guile-sdl2 commit.
2017-11-11  David Thompsonrender: font: Add support for tile fonts.
2017-11-11  David Thompsonrender: font: Simplify implementation with texture...
2017-10-27  David Thompsondoc: scripting: Replace references to "wait" with ...
2017-10-19  David Thompsonscripting: agenda: Add reset-agenda procedure.
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: texture: Fix bug in texture region coordinate...
2017-10-18  David ThompsonThird time's the charm for a bug fix?
2017-10-18  David ThompsonFix build bug for real this time.
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: texture: Fix strange parallel compilation issue.