BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
guile-sdl2-updateUpdate to new guile-sdl2 API.David Thompson8 months
mastergraphics: color: Do not clamp color values to [0, 1] range.David Thompson3 months
wip-dynamic-buffersgraphics: buffer: Remove unused buffer view procedures.David Thompson8 months
wip-freetypeDo not auto-compile example files before running them.David Thompson10 months
wip-new-render-enginegraphics: Rewrite rendering engine.David Thompson6 months
wip-path-renderingrender: Add vector path rendering module.David Thompson8 months
v0.7.0commit e44d1a970c...David Thompson4 months
v0.6.0commit ea3f616cc5...David Thompson8 months
v0.5.0commit 94823dc194...David Thompson16 months
v0.4.0commit 286d44a456...David Thompson2 years
v0.3.0commit a3ee32a424...David Thompson3 years
v0.2.0commit d29f546329...David Thompson5 years
v0.1.0commit 0c4b89bb08...David Thompson5 years