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* render: Restructure 3D modules and add basic support for OBJ models.David Thompson2019-10-242-21/+0
* Update SDL2 game controller database file.David Thompson2019-05-121-1/+38
* Add SDL2 game controller database file.David Thompson2019-01-081-0/+586
* Rename data/CREDITS to data/AUTHORS.David Thompson2018-12-141-0/+0
* render: font: Include a default font for convenience.David Thompson2018-12-133-0/+248
* render: scene: Apply base color texture and factor.David Thompson2018-09-072-1/+9
* data: shaders: Update WIP PBR shaders.David Thompson2018-09-062-5/+4
* Add beginnings of glTF parser and loader.David Thompson2017-09-132-0/+14