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2019-05-29  David Thompsondoc: Remove unnecessary @var markup in argument lists.
2019-05-13  David Thompsondoc: Remove unicode character for pi because it breaks...
2019-05-13  David Thompsondoc: Remove reference to old hook system.
2019-05-13  David Thompsonrender: Rename "typed buffer" to "buffer view".
2019-05-13  David Thompsondoc: Improve texture documentation.
2019-05-12  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Rewrite sprite batching API.
2019-01-09  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Allow nine patches to be tinted.
2019-01-07  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Revamp rendering process.
2018-12-14  David Thompsondoc: Improve Fonts section.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonRe-hide SDL2 details.
2018-12-14  David Thompsonrender: font: Include a default font for convenience.
2018-12-13  David Thompsondoc: Mention 'rect' in manual.
2018-12-13  David Thompsonmath: vector: Add set-vec2! and set-vec3! procedures.
2018-12-12  David Thompsondoc: Fix typos.
2018-12-12  David Thompsondoc: Rename "GPU Buffers" section to "Buffers".
2018-12-12  David Thompsondoc: Rename "Blending and Depth Testing" section to...
2018-12-11  David Thompsondoc: Greatly expand public API documentation.
2018-12-08  David ThompsonAdd particle rendering module.
2018-12-05  David Thompsondoc: Fix typo.
2018-11-29  David Thompsonscripting: channel: Add channel-get! and channel-put...
2018-10-03  David Thompsondoc: Document the path finding API.
2018-10-02  David Thompsondoc: Document collision grid API.
2018-10-02  David Thompsondoc: Document bezier curve API.
2018-09-28  David Thompsondoc: Document the rectangle API.
2018-09-27  David Thompsondoc: Document vector and matrix math APIs.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonUpdate manual to reflect major API changes.
2018-06-25  David ThompsonRemove experimental buffer API.
2018-06-25  David Thompsondoc: Add framebuffer docs.
2018-05-01  David Thompsonrender: font: Allow rendering of substrings.
2018-01-30  David Thompsonrender: Add Tiled map renderer.
2018-01-17  David Thompsonrender: Refactor sprite rendering.
2017-10-27  David Thompsondoc: scripting: Replace references to "wait" with ...
2017-10-18  David Thompsonrender: sprite: Add support for drawing texture regions.
2017-10-15  David Thompsonscripting: Rename coroutine to script.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: Add cotangent function.
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: Add quaternion module.
2017-05-03  David Thompsondoc: Remove redundant "Scheme Procedure", etc. things.
2017-05-03  David ThompsonAdd buffer module.
2017-04-28  David Thompsonscripting: Add a tweening procedure.
2017-04-28  David Thompsonscripting: agenda: Add 'every' scheduling option.
2017-04-26  David Thompsonmath: Add pi constant.
2017-04-04  David ThompsonAdd simple scripting system.
2017-04-01  David Thompsoninput: Add keyboard module.
2017-01-26  David Thompsondoc: Mention that signed distance field rendering is...
2017-01-26  David Thompsondoc: Document draw-line.
2017-01-26  David Thompsondoc: Fix multi-line @deffn commands.
2017-01-25  David ThompsonAdd audio support.
2017-01-25  David Thompsondoc: Document sprites and fonts.
2017-01-21  David Thompsondoc: Document a few more things.
2017-01-19  David Thompsondoc: Add more documentation!
2017-01-18  David Thompsondoc: Add the beginnings of an API reference.