render: Rename "typed buffer" to "buffer view".
[chickadee.git] / chickadee / render / shapes.scm
2019-05-13  David Thompsonrender: Rename "typed buffer" to "buffer view".
2018-08-29  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Add simple (but slow) bezier curve...
2018-08-29  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Allow matrix to be passed to draw-line.
2018-06-25  David ThompsonRemove problematic OpenGL requirements.
2018-01-09  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Add draw-filled-rect procedure.
2017-09-14  David ThompsonMajor rewrite of vertex buffer and vertex array abstrac...
2017-08-08  David ThompsonMove color module into render namespace.
2017-01-26  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Add docstring to draw-line.
2017-01-26  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Change draw-line to accept vector argum...
2017-01-26  David Thompsonrender: shapes: Delete draw-rectangle-outline procedure.
2017-01-05  David ThompsonFirst commit!