render: Rename "typed buffer" to "buffer view".
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2019-01-09  David Thompsonexamples: Add sprite batch example.
2019-01-09  David ThompsonAdd SDL2 game controller database file.
2019-01-06  David Thompsonexamples: Add game controller test.
2018-12-17  David ThompsonMakefile: Install compiled files in the proper location.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonRename data/CREDITS to data/AUTHORS.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonAdd particles example.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonRe-hide SDL2 details.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonFix automake warning.
2018-12-14  David Thompsonrender: font: Include a default font for convenience.
2018-12-08  David ThompsonAdd particle rendering module.
2018-10-03  David ThompsonMove pathfinding module to math directory.
2018-09-03  David Thompsonmath: Add grid module.
2018-08-29  David ThompsonAdd bezier curve module.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonMove SDL game loop implementation to its own module.
2018-06-26  David ThompsonFix
2018-06-25  David ThompsonRemove experimental buffer API.
2018-01-30  David ThompsonAdd tile map example.
2018-01-30  David Thompsonrender: Add Tiled map renderer.
2017-10-18  David ThompsonAdd generalized A* path finding algorithm.
2017-10-15  David Thompsonscripting: Rename coroutine to script.
2017-09-14  David ThompsonAdd beginnings of glTF parser and loader.
2017-09-14  David ThompsonAdd JSON parser.
2017-09-14  David ThompsonMajor rewrite of vertex buffer and vertex array abstrac...
2017-09-14  David Thompsonmath: Add quaternion module.
2017-08-08  David ThompsonMove color module into render namespace.
2017-05-03  David ThompsonAdd buffer module.
2017-04-28  David Thompsonscripting: Add a tweening procedure.
2017-04-04  David ThompsonAdd simple scripting system.
2017-04-04  David ThompsonAdd queue module.
2017-04-01  David ThompsonAdd array list module.
2017-04-01  David ThompsonAdd binary heap implementation.
2017-04-01  David Thompsoninput: Add keyboard module.
2017-01-27  David Thompsondoc: html: Use stylesheet to make manual...
2017-01-27  David ThompsonAdd full GPLv3 text.
2017-01-27  David ThompsonDistribute examples in release tarballs.
2017-01-25  David ThompsonAdd audio support.
2017-01-25  David Thompsonrender: Add bitmap font support.
2017-01-24  David ThompsonAdd 'make publish' target.
2017-01-24  David ThompsonDon't build dvi docs.
2017-01-19  David Thompsonrender: Add framebuffers.
2017-01-19  David Thompsonrender: Add viewports.
2017-01-19  David ThompsonAdd utils module.
2017-01-18  David Thompsondoc: Add the beginnings of an API reference.
2017-01-11  David Thompsonmath: Add rect module.
2017-01-05  David ThompsonFirst commit!