Add a bunch of window manipulation procedures.
[chickadee.git] / chickadee.scm
2019-11-06  David ThompsonAdd a bunch of window manipulation procedures.
2019-11-06  David Thompsonrender: Collect all managed GPU state into a single...
2019-01-09  David ThompsonRemove obsolete controller handling code.
2019-01-09  David ThompsonAdd SDL2 game controller database file.
2019-01-06  David ThompsonRemove redundant open-all-controllers procedure.
2019-01-06  David ThompsonAdd controller-name procedure.
2019-01-06  David ThompsonFix normalization of game controller axis values.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonFix game controller stuff.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonAdd controller query procedures.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonAdd mouse query procedures.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonRe-add key-pressed? and key-released? procedures.
2018-12-14  David ThompsonRe-hide SDL2 details.
2018-12-09  David Thompsongame-loop: Sleep thread a bit to avoid 100% CPU usage.
2018-09-03  David ThompsonRemove default error handler.
2018-08-26  David ThompsonFix error handling logic.
2018-08-26  David ThompsonRemove custom backtrace display.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonAdd default game loop error handler.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonMove SDL game loop implementation to its own module.
2018-08-23  David ThompsonMake the game loop modular!
2018-06-24  David ThompsonDisplay proper backtraces when there is no game loop...
2018-05-04  David Thompsonerror: Pass error key and args to error hook.
2018-05-04  David ThompsonAdd game loop error hook.
2018-04-22  David ThompsonInvert Y coordinate in mouse motion event.
2018-01-17  David ThompsonRevert "Add error handling to game loop."
2018-01-13  David ThompsonAdd error handling to game loop.
2018-01-09  David ThompsonFix broken mouse Y coordinate inversion.
2018-01-05  David ThompsonFix inverted Y coordinates in mouse events.
2017-08-08  David ThompsonMove color module into render namespace.
2017-04-26  David ThompsonFix unbounded heap growth in game loop.
2017-01-26  David ThompsonEnsure that the viewport is cleared at the beginning...
2017-01-26  David ThompsonFix guile-sdl2 procedure name.
2017-01-25  David ThompsonAdd audio support.
2017-01-24  David ThompsonSet a default projection matrix for convenience.
2017-01-19  David Thompsonrender: viewport: Use a non-black default clear color.
2017-01-19  David Thompsonrender: Add viewports.
2017-01-18  David ThompsonRun GPU finalizers in game loop.
2017-01-05  David ThompsonFirst commit!