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@@ -579,6 +579,25 @@ Twice @var{pi}.
Return the cotangent of @var{z}.
@end deffn
+@deffn {Procedure} clamp min max x
+Restrict @var{x} to the inclusive range defined by @var{min} and
+@var{max}. This procedure assumes that @var{min} is actually less
+than @var{max}.
+@end deffn
+@deffn {Procedure} lerp start end alpha
+Linearly interpolate the numbers @var{start} and @var{end} using the
+factor @var{alpha}, a number in the range [0, 1].
+@end deffn
+@deffn {Procedure} degrees->radians degrees
+Convert @var{degrees} to radians.
+@end deffn
+@deffn {Procedure} degrees->radians radians
+Convert @var{radians} to degrees.
+@end deffn
@node Vectors
@subsection Vectors
@@ -735,6 +754,11 @@ Return the magnitude of the 3D vector @var{v}.
Return the dot product of the 3D vectors @var{v1} and @var{v2}.
@end deffn
+@deffn {Procedure} vec3-cross v1 v2
+Return a new 3D vector containing the cross product of @var{v1} and
+@end deffn
@deffn {Procedure} vec3-normalize v
Return the normalized form of the 3D vector @var{v}.
@end deffn
@@ -790,6 +814,11 @@ Perform an in-place modification of the 3D vector @var{v} by
multiplying it by @var{x}, a 3D vector or a scalar.
@end deffn
+@deffn {Procedure} vec3-cross! dest v1 v2
+Compute the cross product of the 3D vectors @var{v1} and @var{v2} and
+store the result in @var{dest}.
+@end deffn
@node Rectangles
@subsection Rectangles
@@ -1730,7 +1759,8 @@ Textures are essentially images: a 2D grid of color values. The
working with texture objects.
@deffn {Procedure} load-image file [#:min-filter nearest] @
- [#:mag-filter nearest] [#:wrap-s repeat] [#:wrap-t repeat]
+ [#:mag-filter nearest] [#:wrap-s repeat] [#:wrap-t repeat] @
+ [#:transparent-color]
Load the image data from @var{file} and return a new texture object.
@@ -1743,6 +1773,9 @@ coordinates that are greater than @code{1.0}. Possible values are
@code{repeat}, @code{clamp}, @code{clamp-to-border}, and
+For color-keyed images (images where a specific color should be made
+transparent), specify the appropriate @var{transparent-color}.
@end deffn
@deffn {Procedure} texture? obj