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2019-06-05  David ThompsonUpdate chickadee project page.
2019-06-05  David ThompsonUpdate chickadee manual.
2019-06-05  David ThompsonAdd chickadee 0.4.0 release entry.
2019-06-03  David ThompsonAdd guile-sdl2 0.4.0 release entry.
2019-06-03  David ThompsonAdd guile-sdl2 manual.
2019-06-03  David ThompsonAdd guile-sdl2 0.4.0 release announcement.
2019-02-13  David ThompsonUpdate haunt.scm.
2018-12-12  David ThompsonUpdate Chickadee manual and home page for 0.3.0.
2018-11-29  David ThompsonAdd Haunt 0.2.4 release announcement.
2018-11-29  David ThompsonAdd Haunt 0.2.4 release.
2018-11-25  David ThompsonAdd Haunt 0.2.3 release announcement.
2018-11-25  David ThompsonAdd haunt 0.2.3 release.
2018-10-16  David ThompsonAdd chickadee 0.3.0 and guile-sdl2 0.3.1 release announ...
2018-10-16  David ThompsonAdd guile-sdl2 0.3.1 release and chickadee 0.3.0 release.
2018-07-11  David ThompsonAdd guile-sdl2 0.3.0 release.
2018-07-11  David Thompsonguix: Add glibc and glibc-utf8-locales.
2018-06-24  David ThompsonFix Haunt manual.
2018-03-13  David ThompsonRelocate haunt logo on project page.
2018-03-13  David ThompsonImprove Haunt project page.
2018-03-13  David ThompsonRemove load path hack.
2018-03-13  David ThompsonDelete skribe-utils module.
2018-03-13  David ThompsonAdd guix manifest.
2018-03-13  David ThompsonActually fix blockquote.
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2018-03-11  David ThompsonAdd Haunt 0.2.2 release announcement.
2018-03-11  David ThompsonFix Haunt 0.2.1 tarball/signature links.
2018-03-11  David ThompsonAdd Haunt manual.
2018-03-11  David ThompsonAdd haunt project page and release announcements. haunt-migration
2018-03-11  David ThompsonFix guile-syntax-highlight version number.
2018-03-11  David ThompsonUpdate Chickadee manual.
2018-03-11  David ThompsonAdd chickadee release versions.
2018-03-11  David ThompsonAdd page for guile-syntax-highlight project.
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2017-02-09  David ThompsonFix typo in about page.
2017-01-24  David ThompsonAdd Chickadee manual.
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2017-01-21  David ThompsonAdd guile-sdl2 0.2.0 release.
2016-08-20  David ThompsonAdd Makefile.
2016-08-20  David ThompsonAdd a comment about media-hackery.
2016-08-20  David ThompsonAdd Piwik tracking JS.
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2016-08-20  David ThompsonHandle videos and source code highlighting in Markdown...
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